This fall, Eglaf is introducing our 365 Essential Collection.

This fall, Eglaf is introducing our 365 Essential Collection. 

We’ve taken our time to research for the best materials possible for this collection. Our goal is to evolve into sustainable streetwear clothing by adapting eco-friendly production and materials. 

Our 365 Essential Collection is purely made out of 100% organic cotton. By using organic cotton and chemical free materials, we still achieve to make our clothing biodegradable and durable.

Why organic cotton? Organic cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly production processes and less harmful to the environment. The quality produced from this fabric material is very durable, long-lasting and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Here at Eglaf we aim to give you the best quality and comfortable clothing. Join us on our mission to make mother earth a better place.

As part prolonging our planet, 365 Essential has 3 Earth colors oversized T-Shirt and 3 shorts.

Our 365 Collection also comes in multiple bright colors to lift up your mood and brighten your day.

Colors expresses ones personality and attracts positive energy around.

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